What We Do

Our Mission

When a child who suffers from an illness or injury does not have the medical resources they need, our foundation steps in to help. We assist children and their families who have been injured in automobile accidents, sports accidents, burn victims, assault victims, or children who have illnesses such as cerebral palsy, autism, rare genetic diseases, epilepsy, and more. 

There are many challenges a family faces while caring for a child with medical needs. We offer support and resources to help alleviate those challenges.

Our foundation understands the expenses involved in caring for a child with medical needs and strives to help as many families as possible receive the aid they deserve. Once a child applies for services, our foundation created an individualized funding plan specific to their needs.

Funding Medical Care


Our foundation funds and coordinates a variety of different therapies. Oftentimes, health insurance does not cover the type of therapy a child needs. Even with coverage, the cost of therapy adds up and can be very expensive. Whether it is through a center of your choosing or you need assistance arranging the therapy, we are here to help. We offer funding for physical therapy, occupational therapy, hippotherapy, speech therapy, swim therapy, psychotherapy, and more. Each child is assessed by our grant committee and a therapy plan is created based on their needs. The amount of funding available and the duration of the therapy will differ from child to child.

In-Home Nursing

We understand that when a child is catastrophically injured the ability to have an in-home nurse can be very beneficial. In-home nursing can help speed up the recovery process because children are oftentimes in higher spirits when they are in the comfort of their own home. It is also a helpful service that guides families through the transition of caring for their injured child at home without the assistance from hospitals or rehabilitation centers. Our foundation helps make it possible for those injured children and families who are in need of this service.

Medical Devices

We recognize that some children require medical devices such as prosthetics, assistive technology devices, and specialized walkers. Oftentimes, these devices can be very costly and not covered by health insurance. Our foundation helps provide the funding so children can have more ease in their day-to-day activities. We want to ensure that every child has the best resources possible to navigate their challenges.

Handicap Accessibilities

We know that children with handicaps face challenges when navigating through their home and in public. We are dedicated to alleviating some of these difficulties by funding handicap accessibilities. We offer wheelchairs, wheelchair vans, and scooters. We also fund home remodeling projects that provide a family with stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, ADA bathrooms, transfer systems and more.

Our Role

Legal Services

Our foundation provides a Legal Services Assistance Program to ensure that an injured child and their legal guardian are provided with a referral to a legal advocate to represent their interests in securing any and all compensation to which they are entitled to.

When a child is injured due to the wrongful acts of another, MPFC will serve as a resource to connect these individuals with competent legal counsel to interpret specific areas of law and to navigate the ever-changing and complex legal system; which can be overwhelming and intimidating to navigate alone. These legal resources are completely free to the child and their family and are offered to each family we help.

Apply Now

The following questions will allow one of our Fundraising Coordinators to access your child’s needs and determine if our foundation can assist you. With the high number of applications we are receiving, please expect processing times of up to 4 months for your application.