Changing Lives

Why Donations Matter

Our foundation is dedicated to changing the lives of children. We strive to provide the best support possible to those who need it the most. Our mission allows us the unique position to help a diverse group of children who have suffered from various types of medical conditions. Discover the children who you are supporting and their stories. Share their profiles on social media and inspire others to help change their lives.

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Our Children

Our Causes

Intensive Therapy for Kids

Avery, Cooper, and Ellie need your help to fund their intensive therapy.

Help Build a Wheelchair Ramp

MPFC is actively fundraising to carry-out a large project for a deserving family in need.

Medical Device for Deserving Family

Help a pre-approved family obtain a much-needed medical device through our Medical Device Program.

Transfer System for Kelbie

Kelbie needs you! Help us provide Kelbie and her mom with the ease of a transfer shower system in their bathroom.