Announcing The Maryam Parman Foundation For Children Name Change

Announcing The Maryam Parman Foundation For Children Name Change

We are very excited to share the news regarding the recent evolution of our foundation and the benefits of this change. We are happy to inform you that our name will change from Maryam Parman Foundation For Injured Children to Maryam Parman Foundation For Children. The update in our foundation’s name will allow us to expand the aid we provide for children and their families. 

The Evolution

When our founder, Maryam Parman, first envisioned this nonprofit, her goal was to help children who were catastrophically injured in accidents that did not receive the compensation they deserved. Through her career as a personal injury attorney, she saw that oftentimes, families were left without the resources to help their child heal. As our foundation has grown and we have received more applications, our Executive Director found that there were many more children in need of our services beyond those who were injured in auto and sports accidents. We found that children who were victims of abuse, and born with illnesses such as, cerebral palsy, autism, and rare genetic disorders, struggled to afford the care they needed as well. We learned that too often, health insurance does not cover the type of therapy and other services that these children can hugely benefit from. Due to this discovery, we are expanding our vision and creating a broader scope of children that the foundation helps. 

Our Mission

This new mission sets our foundation apart as we are in a unique position to be able to help more than one issue and provide aid in various ways by assessing each child and their needs. Each year our foundation is receiving more and more applications. We look forward to making a larger impact on the children in need in our community and across the country.

The Future

The heart of helping children recover from life altering medical diagnosis remains the same as Maryam’s original vision. MPFC is dedicated to changing the lives of children and their families. We look forward to this next chapter in our foundation with you and welcome your continued support and partnership with our mission.