Caiden, Age 2

Caiden, Age 2

Caiden is an adorable 2-year-old boy who has hypotonia and abnormal chromosome 8p. Caiden has mobility issues as he is not standing, walking, or crawling. He is also nonverbal. Caiden has global developmental delays, which affects all areas of learning/cognition and physical abilities. 

MPFC approved a $5,040 grant for Caiden to attend intensive therapy at The Anaheim Hills Pediatric Therapy Clinic. The intensive therapy lasts 3 weeks and occurs 4 times a week.

His goals for therapy are to build muscle tone/strength to be able to stand and walk. He also wants to build strength and improvement in fine motor and gross motor pertaining to his hands and arms. His speech goals are to identify sounds and items.We cannot wait to see all of the progress Caiden makes at therapy!

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