Injury Institute – A Proud MPFC Corporate Sponsor

Injury Institute – A Proud MPFC Corporate Sponsor

The Maryam Parman Foundation For Children is proud to announce Injury Institute as our Corporate Sponsor. Injury Institute is a medical network service that offers concierge scheduling with doctors who work on a lien basis for Personal Injury cases. They help streamline the needs of clients who have been injured in accidents by scheduling doctor’s appointments and helping the attorney’s communicate with the doctor’s office. 

Maria Degarcia, the CEO of Injury Institute, understands the critical need for the type of support MPFC offers. Her company helps set up medical care for children who are affected by accidents and they see first hand what a difference MPFC could make in an injured child’s life. 

Levi’s Story

As a MPFIC corporate sponsor, Injury Institute sponsored the cost of Levi’s walker. Levi is a sweet boy who was born at 24 weeks and was at an extremely low birth weight. Due to his early birth, Levi suffered brain bleeds that led to hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. He is having difficulty learning how to walk on his own and his health insurance would not cover the cost of the walker. 

From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thank you again for gifting Levi this amazing gate trainer Walker. We got it on Tuesday, and after watching many videos on how to set it up for him, he was finally able to enjoy today in our home. Seeing him smiling and being very independent just lit up my life in a new way. And I’m sure it did for him as well.We are forever grateful and can’t wait to see the progress he will make” – Ivana, Levi’s Mother

Learn How To Be A Corporate Sponsor

MPFC is thankful for the support of our Corporate Sponsor Injury Institute for making this moment possible for Levi and his mother. They have been supporters of our mission from the very beginning and we could not continue to change the lives of children without them.

To learn how your company can become a corporate sponsor and help make a difference in children’s lives, contact taylor at or call us at 949.520.0721