MPFC Receives A Generous Grant From The Small Angels Foundation

MPFC Receives A Generous Grant From The Small Angels Foundation

We are excited to share that the Maryam Parman Foundation for Children secured a grant on behalf of Wasae in the amount of $7,500 from The Small Angels Foundation. This incredible funding will pay for Wasae’s Therasuit Intensive Program at Anaheim Hills Pediatric Therapy.

Wasae is a sweet 19-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy and is severely disabled. He is wheelchair bound and is dependent upon others for all his needs. His primary mobility is dependent on wheelchair use and maximum assistance with all transfers and caregiving. He demonstrates limited strength and balance with atypical movement patterns in sitting and during assisted walking. He is limited by his cognition, vision, and significantly low muscle tone.

Goals For Therapy

– Sustain side sitting bilaterally for 60 seconds with no external support

– Independently roll to and from  prone and supine

– Sustain quadruped 30 seconds with minimal assistance

– Be able to maintain neutral positioning while in supine for 20 secondsTransition from side sitting to quadruped with minimum assist

Small Angels Generosity

We are incredibly grateful for the invaluable partnership with Smalls Angels Foundation. Thanks to their support, Wasae is no longer on the waitlist for this life-changing therapy, which will empower him with newfound independence and strength. Moreover, this therapy will provide much-needed relief to Wasae’s devoted parents, who tirelessly assist him on a daily basis. Children like Wasae face significant challenges in progressing without intensive therapy, and we cannot express enough gratitude to the Small Angels Foundation for making this opportunity a reality.

About Small Angels Foundation

The Small Angels Foundation makes gifts (currently, limited to no more than $7,500 each) that will change the trajectory of a specific individual’s life, or put a specific individual on a different and positive life path.  Small Angels functions best when it responds to grant recommendations made on someone’s behalf by a relief agency, charitable organization, or religious institution.  Small Angels relies heavily on these referring organizations to verify circumstances and vouch for the character of the proposed recipient and specifics of the grant. Small Angels typically does not engage with a person on a grant request unless that person is working with a relief organization.

Small Angels is a group of charitable minded working persons who have little in the way of internal staff support.  The Benefactors prefer to remain anonymous.  If you are charitably minded and are interested in becoming a member of ‘the Angels’ please inquire at:  For more info: