MPFC VIP Spring Soirèe

MPFC VIP Spring Soirèe

The MPFC VIP Spring Soiree was hosted on April 27th at Newport Beach Winery. We had an amazing night showing our appreciation for our top donors and our Changing Lives Club Members. The night began with hors d’oeuvres, wine tasting, and a live guitarist. Before dinner was served, Taylor, our Executive Director, thanked our guests for their continued support and introduced our guest speaker, Paige.

Special Guest Speaker

Paige is the mother of Gavin and Olivia, who are 3-year-old twins who were born with birth injuries. She shared her family’s story and how their donations have helped her children. Olivia was born with global delays and is currently in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy twice a week. She just received a walker to help her learn how to walk. Gavin has autism and is also in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. 

MPFC has paid for their Pediatric Neurologist visits and Theratog/Spio Suits that help engage their core and build muscle strength. MPFC has also awarded a grant for Olivia’s genetic testing to help further their knowledge of her condition and learn how to help her have a better quality of life. Paige’s story truly touched our donors hearts and showcased how their support is impacting families. 

A Memorable Night

After dinner, the donors took a tour around the winery and learned more about the wine they produce and the animals that live on the property. The evening was the perfect opportunity for our donors to learn more about their community of like-minded individuals, meet a family they have helped, and enjoy a nice evening of wine, music, and delicious food. 

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