Welcome to MPFC’s New Website

Welcome to MPFC’s New Website

We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! We knew that we wanted a fresh look for the new website, but we also wanted to ensure that with a new look came new priorities and new functions. We asked ourselves a few questions: how can we make sure everyone who comes across the foundation’s site understands our mission and what we do? How can we keep our supporters and donors up-to-date with our children’s progress, fundraising campaigns, and upcoming events? How can we make it easier and more accessible for parents who want to apply for aid? These are a few of the questions we had in mind and more. Ultimately, we wanted to be as transparent and straight-forward as possible while also inspiring people to get involved and support catastrophically injured children.

What’s New? Our Blog!

So, what’s new you ask? Well, let’s start out with one of our most exciting new features, our blog! We understand that some topics come easier for some supporters than others. Oftentimes, it can seem that experts in their field are speaking their own language and assume the majority understand and have the same knowledge they have. We believe the more knowledge we can equip our supporters with, the better understanding we can provide on how important their help is. We also want to ensure that we are keeping our supporters completely up-to-date with our latest projects, new grant recipients, and show them directly how their support is changing the lives of injured children. We know that we cannot do this work without our supporters and we aim to be as much of a helping hand to them as we are to our children. 

Introducing the Changing Lives Club

In addition to being more helpful to our donors, we also wanted to build a stronger community for our supporters as well. With this in mind, we have launched our Changing Lives Club! With an ongoing monthly donation, you will become a member of our Changing Lives Club and stay involved all year-round with MPFC. You will receive special benefits such as private events, VIP reception at our Annual Gala, VIP swag bag, access to a private Facebook group, and recognition on our website and social media, and more. We value our donors and want to help create a community for them to enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals who are committed to helping children as well. We also understand that our supporters love to be more involved and we want to provide additional ways to do so.  

More Transparency

Alongside providing helpful information and a stronger community, transparency was also at the top of our priority list. This is why we implemented a section that showcases our ongoing projects we are fundraising for.  You may see what we’ve done in the past or the common ways we help children, but you may be wondering what they are working on right now? Which child still needs additional support? I want to donate but what is this money going towards? These are very important questions and we aim to be able to quickly and easily showcase these answers at all times. Our projects section will show what we are currently fundraising for, who it will be helping, how much money we need to raise, and where we are with our progress. We hope that this will not only provide more clarity for our donors, but also help donors when asking new individuals to donate by giving them a specific project to fundraise for and bring attention to. We are so excited to implement all of these new changes and we cannot wait for you to enjoy these new updates! Together, we can continue to change the lives of children one click at a time.