Lawson, Age 3


Lawson, Age 3

Lawson is a sweet 3-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He was diagnosed at 6 months old with infantile spasms. He went through 10-12 months of various anti-epileptic drugs, which resulted in him having to undergo a left functional hemispherectomy in November of 2020. After this surgery, he developed hydrocephalus and had to have a total of 6 more surgeries for VP shunt and he had a Gtube placed because he developed oral aversion. He has major right side weakness because of the surgery and right sided hemiplegia cerebral palsy.

His goals in intensive therapy are:

  •  – Learn to stand independently with the hope of taking steps in the future. 

  • – Use of his right hand and strengthen the muscles in his right leg

  • – Learn to eat with a spoon/fork

    – Drink with an open cup

Lawson is a very determined little boy and is eager to learn and improve. MPFC approved a $2,500 grant for  DMI therapy with Blossom & Grow in February and March 2023. We cannot wait to see how much Lawson improves and grows from his therapy sessions!

Oh my goodness!! This is such phenomenal news!!  Thank y’all, thank y’all, thank y’all!  I can’t thank y’all enough for making this possible for Lawson! – Amanda, Lawson’s Mother

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