MPFC Awarded Grant From NAPA Center

MPFC Awarded Grant From NAPA Center

We are thrilled to share that the Maryam Parman Foundation has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the NAPA Center. We have partnered with NAPA Center for several years and have been able to provide funding for numerous children enrolled in their transformative intensive therapy programs. This generous grant will specifically support two children’s intensive therapy sessions, bringing about life-changing experiences for them.

About Napa Center

Intensive therapy is the most sought-after treatment for the children supported by MPFC. NAPA’s intensive therapy programs, which incorporate occupational, physical, and speech therapy, are specifically tailored to meet each child’s individual needs and objectives. NAPA’s therapists design a personalized program for every patient, considering factors such as time, duration, intensity, and tools utilized. Children often make significant progress and surpass their developmental milestones within just three weeks of the program. For instance, a child using a walker may gain enough strength, balance, and coordination to walk with crutches. The impact of three weeks of intensive therapy is often greater than an entire year of traditional therapy.

NAPA Center Success Stories

Ella was born with cerebral palsy, resulting in delays in her overall development. Recognizing her need for support, MPFC granted Ella the opportunity to undergo intensive therapy at NAPA Center. During her therapy sessions, Ella achieved remarkable milestones, such as independently standing against a table without any assistance. In just one month, she has consistently made progress, rolling onto her tummy and sitting independently for 5 seconds without the need for support. The impact of a single therapy session at NAPA Center has truly transformed Ella’s life.

Matthew faces the challenges of cerebral palsy, leaving him unable to move or communicate verbally. Matthew’s goal is to walk with his gait trainer and strengthen his core muscles. After just three weeks of intensive therapy sessions, he triumphed by taking several steps with his gait trainer, all on his own! This achievement brings Matthew one step closer to his ultimate dream of walking unassisted, granting him the independence he deserves.

NAPA Center’s Grant

We are incredibly grateful for the generous grant from NAPA Center, which will enable even more children from MPFC to participate in their life-changing programs. As we consistently have a long waitlist of children applying for funding for intensive therapy at NAPA Center, this grant will reduce our waitlist and ensure that more children receive the vital therapy they require. NAPA Center’s support is truly helping MPFC make a profound difference in the lives of children in need.