Augustine, Age 9

Augustine, Age 9

Augustine was born very early at only 22 weeks of pregnancy due to complications. When he was born, he lost 70% of his brain activity. Despite his difficult start in this world, at 9 years old he is a happy and sweet boy.

Due to his condition, Augustine does not speak, cannot sit up, and cannot walk. He has little use of his left hand, but the rest of his body is not functional. He suffers from seizures, sleep apnea, has had brain cysts removed, and had metal placed on both thigh bones.

Augustine’s mother struggles to carry Augustine into their home as he grows, which is why our foundation stepped in to help. We built a state-of-the-art wheelchair ramp for Augustine and his family to make going in and out of the house more accessible.

The construction of wheelchair ramps are expensive, and we need your help to continue helping families like Augustine’s. Please consider donating today.