Common Injuries and Conditions That MPFC Helps

Common Injuries and Conditions That MPFC Helps

The Maryam Parman Foundation For Children specializes in helping a wide variety of injuries and conditions. What makes our foundation unique is that we do not focus on a sole injury, condition, or disability. We are able to look at an application for a child and assess it on a case-by-case basis. Our mission is to provide medical aid and medical resources for children whose families cannot afford it. Unfortunately, many different conditions and injuries fall within this realm. MPFC is dedicated to making the number of children without medical aid lower. We create a customized and individualized plan for each child based off of their needs and medical evaluations. Each injury and condition requires a different type of help. Our foundation understands the unique and complex circumstances many families and children face when it comes to recovering from an injury or navigating a condition. We are here to help alleviate the stress and financial burden for families.

Catastrophic Injuries Through Accidents

MPFC was founded with the goal to help children recover from catastrophic injuries that were sustained from accidents. Through her work as a personal injury attorney, our founder, Maryam Parman, saw too many children without the financials resources that were needed to help them recover from severe injuries resulting from automobile and sports accidents. These types of injuries take years and years to recover from and sometimes, are a lifelong challenge a person must always face. This is the heart of MPFC and why the foundation was created. Two of MPFC’s grant recipients suffered from a traumatic brain injury resulting from an accident. Brayden was in a catastrophic snowboarding accident, which left him in a coma for 2 months. MPFC helped fund his in-home nursing, vision therapy, and a Bioness device for his leg to aid in his recovery. Cinnamon was struck by a vehicle driving 60 mph while walking her two dogs in her neighborhood. This led her to experience challenging symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, anxiety, difficulty focusing and ultimately led her to switching from public school to independent studies at home. MPFC helped fund her much needed care during this transition.

Providing Aid For Birth Injuries

As the foundation grew and accepted more applications, our Executive Director and Board found that there are many more children with various types of conditions that needed our help. We considered these conditions as “birth injuries” and moved forward with helping other children who could not afford medical help. One of the common types of conditions we help is children who suffer from rare genetic disorders, spinal muscular atrophy, and other degenerative diseases. Oliver and Koen are two grant recipients that suffer from one of the rarest conditions in the world. They are two out of 150 children who suffer from genetic mutation on the CTNNB1 gene. MPFC helps fund their intensive therapy sessions, which help them show progress in every aspect of their lives. From learning how to walk, stand on their own, and be self-feeding, these families could not afford this life changing therapy with MPFC.

Helping Children With Autism

Our foundation also helps provide medical funding for children who suffer from severe autism. MPFC understands that this form of birth injury can be very difficult to navigate for families. Oftentimes,  helpful therapies are considered “experimental” by health insurance and they will not provide coverage. These types of therapies, such as hippotherapy, can make a significant impact on a child’s progress and ultimately the quality of their life. We are proud to create programs that help fund these therapies for children who suffer from severe autism. Nathan and Eric are two of our grant recipients that have shown incredible progress through the therapies that MPFC funds.

Cerebral Palsy & Abuse Victims

In addition, our foundation also helps children who suffer from cerebral palsy. Similar to many other conditions, there is not always a straightforward treatment plan given by specialists. MPFC has helped Kelbie, one of our grant recipients, navigate the challenges she faces because of her condition. Another common injury we help is children who suffer from abuse. The heartbreaking consequences resulting from any form of abuse is very difficult for a child and a family to recover from. Our foundation has helped children like Christian and Audrina navigate their recoveries.

Helping All Injuries

As MPFC continues to grow and evolve, we are always challenging ourselves to help as many children with variations of injuries and conditions as possible. We value our ability to handle each application as a unique and individualized story. We want to offer help to those who have nowhere else to turn to. If you know of anyone who suffers from one of these  injuries or conditions and needs our help, please let us know or apply today. If the injury does not fall within these categories, still reach out to us as we are always happy to consider each child.