Xavier, Age 1

Xavier, Age 1

Xavier is an adorable 1-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy from suffering brain hemorrhages at birth. He experiences spasticity of upper and lower extremities, hypotonia of trunk, delayed development of gross motor and fine motor milestones. Based on several assessments, Xavier currently functions around a 6 month old level for all areas of development. 

Xavier has been using a Galileo Med 25TT device during his physical and occupational therapies over the past several months and has been experiencing amazing results. When used at the start of his therapy sessions, he shows decreased spasticity of extremities and improved sitting balance and postural symmetry, allowing him to participate more effectively in his therapy and move around easier in his day to day life. 

These positive effects from the Galileo training have been shown to last for several hours. His therapist stated Xavier would benefit from a vibration machine at home to supplement his current therapy sessions, so he can be allowed the opportunity to practice and enhance his skills with decreased impairments on a daily basis. This will allow him to develop his motor abilities at a faster pace and decrease the risk for developing the many known complications of Cerebral Palsy, including muscle wasting, contractures, decreased bone density, and immobility. 

MPFC awarded Xavier a grant for the Galileo Med 25TT. We are so excited to see the progress he will make now that he will have access to vibration therapy in his home. 

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